Hope and Intervention for Struggling Youth

Project Tikvah, addresses the problem of repeat incarceration of young adults struggling with mental illness and addiction. Tikvah advocates for alternative sentences and works with professionals to develop comprehensive road-maps to recovery for affected youth.

The Challenge

There is an alarming demographic of troubled young adults who are facing incarceration or headed that way. But they are not criminals. They are lost souls acting out due to mental illness or addiction. Too often, they get trapped in a vicious cycle of incarceration, hospitalization, homelessness, relapse, and sometimes even death. Their parents are devastated too, feeling lost, ashamed, and desperate for support and guidance.

Who We Help

Young adults with mental illness and addiction who are facing incarceration or headed that way. Whether in jail, rehab, mental institutions or on the streets, troubled youth and their families are served.

What We Do

  • Collaborate with parents and advocate in the judicial system for alternatives to prison sentences;
  • Work with professionals to identify treatment plans and provide referrals for: psych wards, rehab program, therapy and post-recovery job and life-training programs;
  • Help parents navigate the complex mental health and legal systems;
  • Provide ongoing spiritual and moral support throughout treatment and beyond, often becoming friends for life with recovered members and their families.
  • Create circle of kindness for those in custody or institutionalized via constant visitations, care packages and lifeline care.

We are proud recipients of a Cutting Edge Grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles