Alternative Sentencing Advocacy

Jails are overflowing with young adults suffering from mental illness and addiction. But prison sentences rarely help. Instead, many troubled youth return to jail within one year of release.

Project Tikvah believes that with professional intervention, troubled youth can turn their lives around. They can become productive citizens and lead fulfilling lives. They can overcome.

With national recognition and 33-year credibility, Aleph’s Tikvah staff collaborates with defense attorneys, prosecutors and judges in the legal system to advocate for alternative programs to prison sentences. They advocate on behalf of mentally-ill and addicted young adults for approval to professional intervention programs that can address their underlying issues.

Twenty-year-old Abe banged on the glass door of his cell–trying to get the visiting Rabbi’s attention. After years of beatings by his dad, followed by years in and out of jail, lockdown, living on the streets, and drugs, he was desperate. Rabbi B met with Abe and immediately put Tikvah to work. They fought to convince the judge to give Abe a second chance. With a court-approved alternative plan, Tikvah then got him transferred to rehab, supervised his treatment and supported him throughout his recovery. Today he is a proud manager of five sober-living facilities, an active member of the community and an inspiration to many.